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Which legal services do we provide?

​Our focus is on specific, business law areas, which are common across many industries. We are strong in M&A, company structuring, company law, contract law, competition law and IP. For all areas our reach is national as well as international. For us value-adding legal services and legal objectives have to be narrowly integrated with the reality and the vision that drives your company. We often take on active roles as board members and are frequently intimately involved in strategy development work.

How do we deal with assignments requiring competences outside our own expertise?

​If a task involves skills outside our fields of expertise, we never hesitate to consult with other within our comprehensive network or experts. Sometimes the most efficient solution is that we transfer the assignment, or part of it, to a collaborator. If so, we will coordinate that the solution provided is in line with your business priorities and your budget.

Who are our customers?

​We have numerous repeat customers that we have serviced for many years. We believe in healthy and solid business practices based on good business acumen, ethical behavior, professionalism, mutual respect and long-lasting relationships; all values that are shared by our customers and are guideline for our own conducts.

How do we collaborate with our customers?

​​We are informal, direct and highly accessible. We strive to have an ongoing dialogue with our customers. Each assignment is defined together with the customer, including the specific business objectives and expectations. We expect that you and your team are highly involved in the process and are clear on your objectives and what drives your business. This is essential in ensuring the optimal result that is solidly anchored in the opportunities and challenges that are unique for your business.

What is our background?

​Our business backgrounds enable us to see the opportunities and solution, and not just limitations, obstacles and problems.

We have all substantial experience from ”the other side of the table” from practical, managerial and P&L responsibilities for business administration and for driven business development in smaller and larger companies in Denmark and internationally.

From own experience we know how entrepreneurship, strategy development, financial objectives, decision processes, business plan implementation, customer and vendor relationship management as well as organizational interactions etc. are all key elements in achieving the goals for your business.

How do we set our fees – how do we provide optimal price-value?

​We believe our own business success go hand in hand with our ability to provide value adding services to you.

We appreciate upfront, flexible fee arrangements, where a significant part of the fee is linked to you achieving your commercial objectives. If no upfront arrangement has been agreed, fees will be fixed based on an overall assessment of the assignment, including, amongst others, time consumption, the complexity of the assignment, external consulting, time pressure, value for the customer, responsibility and liablity as well as the final result.

Normally, Marselis Advokater invoices on a monthly and/or quarterly basis for services provided in the period. Payment terms are 8 days. Thereafter, we reserve the right to add interest for overdue payment according to the Danish law on interests, Renteloven.


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